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SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels-AG

Data and facts (as at  31.12.2020)

  • 1.180 SPAR supermarkets including SPAR express Service station shops
  • 51 SPAR-Gourmet-markets
  • 214 EUROSPAR- markets
  • Gross sales approximately EUR 6.88 billion
SPAR web page

SPAR is one of the leading food retailers in Austria. Established in Tirol in 1954 by Hans F. Reisch together with 100 independent traders, today, SPAR operates throughout Austria and remains an Austrian company in 100% private ownership.

Through constant growth in sales and employee numbers both in Austria and neighbouring countries, SPAR every year comes closer to its vision of evolving "from an Austrian retailer to a central-European retail group". SPAR business types range from SPAR supermarkets, having a sales area of up to 1,000 m2, SPAR express service station shops, with long opening hours and supermarket prices, through delicatessen-type SPAR Gourmet markets, to EUROSPAR markets covering a sales area of between 1,000 and 2,000 m2 and offering a comprehensive range from both the food and non-food sector. 

INTERSPAR Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Data and facts (as at 31.12.2020)
  • 65 INTERSPAR hypermarkets 
  • 2 INTERSPAR-pronto
  • 51 INTERSPAR- Restaurants
  • 16 Café Cappuccino + 1 Pasta& Cafe + 1 take away
  • 8 INTERSPAR bakeries
INTERSPAR web page

INTERSPAR, SPAR Austria's biggest subsidiary, has evolved to become the market leader in hypermarkets since being founded in 1970. Over a space of between 2,500 and 5,000 m2, the INTERSPAR hypermarkets offer a unique combination of everyday food and non-food products. Depending on the size of the location, the range comprises up to 50,000 articles. In addition, INTERSPAR operates 8 bakeries approximately 70 restaurant businesses in Austria and the import and export subsidiary company Simpex import and export GmbH.

Maximarkt Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H

The 4 Maximarkt core competencies

  • Regionality, Freshness and quality, Brand diversity & Diversity of range.

Data and facts (as at 31.12.2020)

  • 7 maximarkets
  • 6 maxi.restaurants
Maximarkt web page

Maximarkt Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. was established in 1969, based in Linz, and now comprises seven locations with up to 5,000 m2 sales area in Upper Austria and Salzburg.

Since 2002, Maximarkt has been a subsidiary of INTERSPAR. Maximarkt, the family market, operates under the slogan "Welcome to Diversity".

Hervis Sport- und Modegesellschaft m.b.H.

Data and facts (as at 31.12.2020)

  • 103 ranches in Austria
  • Gross sales in Austria approximately EUR 269 million 
Hervis web page

Hervis Sport- und Modegesellschaft m.b.H. is a 100% subsidiary of SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels- AG and was established in 1972.

With 103 locations in Austria, Hervis ranks among Austria's biggest sport retailers. Based in Wals, Salzburg, the comany's international network, with 131 foreign branches spread across six countries, is managed.

Hervis is characterised by a high degree of expertise in the product ranges of sport and fashion, a balanced service providing skilled specialist advice, and competitively-priced offers.

Metro Cash &Carry Österreich

Data and facts (as at 31.12.2020)

  • 12 C&C stores
  • 2.100 employees
  • Net sales approximately EUR 768 million
Metro web page

METRO Cash & Carry, its Austrian headquarters situated in Wien/ Vösendorf, operates 12 large-scale markets within Austria as well as the wholesale organization Avilo. Across a total selling area of 140,000 m2 and with over 48,000 articles from the food and non-food sector, METRO leads the Austrian C&C market.

Since 1971, over 500,000 customers have put their trust in the company's range and services; METRO operates internationally as a global-market leader in the sector of self-service wholesale trade, across 34 countries.